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The Day Of The Lord PT1

The Day Of The Lord PT1

The Day of The Lord is coming and for those who are in Christ Jesus it will be a day of confidence that just as He is so are we in this world.

Read Time: 15 Minutes 39 Seconds
Read Level: NA


Eternal Death, Hell, & Lake Of Fire

Eternal Death, Hell, & Lake Of Fire

There is a three strong cord of destruction for those who do not choose the free-gift of life through Jesus. We are all born into eternal death that leads to hell and eventually the Lake Of Fire.

Read Time: 14 Minutes 8 Seconds
Read Level: NA


White Throne Judgment

White Throne Judgment

There is a judgment for all men who did not choose Jesus when they were alive on earth. This judgment is before God and His Holy angels as to how one could choose self-righteousness over the free-gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Read Time: 22 Minutes 38 Seconds
Read Level: NA


Eternal Life, Kingdom Of God, & Heaven

Eternal Life, Kingdom Of God, & Heaven

The power of three. God has given us a three strong cord to hold on to and inherit His full blessing starting with eternal life, growing into the Kingdom of God and one day Heaven.

Read Time: 17 Minutes 2 Seconds
Read Level: NA


Judgement Seat Of Christ Pt1

Judgement Seat Of Christ Pt4

Everyone who receives Jesus as Lord in this lifetime will be judged by Jesus one day. By His blood we are all going to Heaven but there are other judgments. If you are a Christian find out what we are going to be judged for.

Read Time: 0 Minutes 0 Seconds
Read Level: NA

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